Learning data skills for research

The Libraries, in partnership with the Office of Research Computing, is a member organization of The Carpentries, a network of volunteer instructors and workshops that focus on teaching essential data and computational skills for conducting efficient, open, and reproducible research. The Carpentries offers three curriculum tracks:

  • Data Carpentry teaches fundamental data skills needed to conduct research. Lessons are developed based on disciplines (ecology, social sciences, etc.). These lessons include data organization in spreadsheets, data cleaning with OpenRefine, data management with SQL, and data analysis and visualization with Python or R.
  • Software Carpentry teaches basic lab skills for research computing. Lessons include the Unix shell, version control with Git, Python, and R.
  • Library Carpentry teaches software and data skills for people working in library and information-related roles. Lessons include the Unix shell, version control with Git, regular expressions, tidy data, webscraping, Python introduction, and introduction to data for archivists.

Any members of the university community with questions about requesting a workshop or who want to know more can contact the Libraries’ Digital Scholarship Center at datahelp@gmu.edu or Mason’s Office of Research Computing at orchelp@gmu.edu for additional information. Read more about the program here.