Changes to Kanopy

As of 10/11/2019, George Mason University Libraries has limited access to Kanopy’s video collection, and some videos must now be individually requested to access. This decision was made after careful determination that the Libraries is unable to sustain full access to Kanopy’s video collection.

Note to faculty members: Please lookup any Kanopy films you are using in the Kanopy database to ensure you can view them. If a message appears on the video player that says “This film is not available at your library yet,” please fill out the form below it and state that you are a faculty member and the reason you need the video. The Library is typically able to gain access to requested films in 2 business days and will send you an email confirming your request.

Please address any questions or concerns to Heather Darnell, Librarian for Dance, Film, and Multimedia Literacy:

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