Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week 2022

Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week is this week, February 21-25, 2022. What is fair use? Learn more with these FAQs provided by Emilie Algenio, Open Educational Resources and Scholarly Communications Librarian at the Mason Libraries.

What is fair use? It is your right under §107 of the Copyright Act to use limited portions of copyrighted material in your work without permission of the copyright owner and without paying any license fees.

What is covered? It applies to any work that can be copyrighted, including text, images, video, and music.

How do you benefit from fair use? The Libraries can provide e-reserves, you can enjoy parodies, and you can print, copy, or scan limited portions of copyrighted materials to support your research, teaching, or learning.

What are the limits? Fair use determinations are made by evaluating what type of work you are using, how much of it you are using, and how you are using it.

What is Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week? It is an international celebration, now in its eighth year, and was started by Pia Hunter, Kyle Courtney, and Brandon Butler.

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