Join the conversation about Preservation Week

At the Mason Libraries, the mission of our preservation program is to promote and assure long-term access to our collections. This can include a number of efforts, from physical book repair to ensuring collections safety to disaster planning, and more.

Amy Sullivan, Head of Preservation Services at Mason Libraries, will be joining a panel discussion about Preservation Week with Brooke Morris-Chott of the American Library Association and Katie Risseeuw of Northwestern University, facilitated by Jason Byrd of Adelphi University, this Friday, April 30 at 1:30 p.m. You can view the conversation on Instagram @adelphilibrary IGTV.

Amy will also be co-teaching an upcoming (and sold-out) session of ALA CORE’s Fundamentals of Preservation, a four-week online course that introduces participants to the principles, policies, and practices of preservation in libraries and archives. You can follow some of Amy’s work on Instagram @gmupreservation.

Preservation Week – a collaborative effort supported by the American Library Association and many organizations – is a public awareness initiative that aims to promote preservation and conservation in communities with the help of libraries, institutions, and museums.

During this week, ALA is offering free webinars on “Collecting and Preserving after Tragedy” and “Introduction to Community Archiving” – available here. The Library of Congress is also offering a daily webinar series this week, covering a range of topics.

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