Extended: library books available through HathiTrust

As announced earlier this year, thanks to a cooperative agreement between University Libraries and the HathiTrust, Mason students, faculty and staff (and only one or more of those particular statuses) have online access to over a million titles from our library’s collection even as access to the stacks has been cut off due to COVID-19 concerns. This virtual access to our collection has been extended as the pandemic continues. We will update the Mason community if the situation or access options change. To access a digital scan of a book from Mason’s collection:
  • Begin a search in the library’s catalog
  • As you look through your results, books that offer a scanned copy of the text will be marked as shown by the red arrow in this illustration:
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  • To view the scanned copy, click that link then make sure you sign in at the HathiTrust website (you will be authenticating via your Mason network credentials).  If you don’t sign in, you will not be able to view the text as the HathiTrust site will not know of your Mason affiliation.
You may request contact-less pickup of titles that are not available via the HathiTrust program. To maintain compliance with the rules surrounding this agreement and to preserve access to our collection for the majority of our physically-distant users we are not able to circulate the physical copy of a book owned by Mason if it is also available via this HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access Service (ETAS).

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