New subscription to all Nature journals

Access to Nature

Thanks to a mid-year budget allocation for medical education resources, the Libraries has subscribed to Complete. This collection features access to over 80 Nature journal titles – you can check out the full list here. We are particularly excited to add this important resource for our STEM researchers.

From major discoveries in the last 175 years to today’s breakthroughs – you can find important research from across science, technology, medicine, social sciences and humanities through the Nature portfolio of journals, books and databases.

The collection also ranges into the social and behavioral sciences, including one of the top-requested journals by our library users – Nature Human Behavior.

Other recent library collections updates

New ebook collections and news resources available online through the Libraries

The Libraries is pleased to announce seven new online resources, all available on and off campus. These new subscriptions and purchases were made possible through partial budget restoration. Look out for announcements of new resources for STEM fields, coming soon.

Ebook collections with convenient PDF chapter download, ideal for course materials.

Oxford Handbooks Online – The Libraries now provide access to all content on the Oxford Handbooks Online platform. Oxford Handbooks offer review essays that evaluate the current thinking on a field or topic and make original arguments about the future direction of the debate. Written by leading scholars, these authoritative introductions to current scholarship are a great starting point for literature reviews. Chapters are downloadable as PDFs.

Oxford Very Short Introductions – The Very Short Introductions are ebooks offering concise and original introductions to topics in humanities, social sciences, law, medicine, STEM fields, including a diverse range of subjects—from artificial intelligence to folk music to medical ethics—in 35,000 words or less. Each one of these little books are written by experts who combine facts, analysis, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make even the most challenging topics highly readable.

SAGE Knowledge Ebooks – Access to over 5,500 Sage ebooks covering the disciplines of Psychology, Sociology, Business, Education, Communications, Cultural Studies, Environmental Studies, Politics, Health & Social Care. Includes many CQ Press titles. Chapters are downloadable as PDFs.

To learn more about library ebook collections suitable for assigning in your classes, see our guide to Library Educational Materials (LER).

Current and historical newspaper access.

Access World News – With current and archived news articles from trusted sources around the world, you can find multiple perspectives, useful information, and full-text news from 13,000 local, regional, national and international sources (updated daily and including PDF images of many newspapers). Remote access is available 24/7 on any device. See a brief overview video:

Our new Access World News subscription also includes Black Life in America and Hispanic Life in America. These collections are designed to foster discussions and research related to Black and Hispanic heritage, history, culture, and daily life.

American Business: Mercantile Newspapers – Nearly 500 historical newspapers covering business, industry, and international trade from more than 40 states, published between 1783 and 1900.

Zotero releases Version 6. Questions? We’re here to help!

The University Libraries is proud to spread the word that Zotero has recently unveiled Version 6! Over the years, Zotero has shown itself to be an exceptional tool for research and writing for students, faculty, staff, and the broader research community. 

The new features of Version 6 – including a built-in PDF viewer, renewed Safari Browser Plug-in function, and annotation functions – are most welcome and should provide that added shine on top of an already extremely useful product.

We have received early user feedback that indicates existing users of Zotero may run into a hiccup related to the MS Word plug-in after updating to Zotero 6. While not a difficult obstacle to overcome, if you require any extra support and aid, the staff and faculty of the Libraries are ready to assist! 

The instructions and information on Zotero Version 6 are available at, and the Word Processor Plug-ins are available at

If you find yourself needing that bit of extra help, reach out to us at, and we will get in touch with you to help you overcome that challenge and continue doing your good work.

The Libraries regularly offers workshops on Zotero. You can find and register for one on our Workshops calendar at

Exploring Influential Black Newspapers

The University Libraries holds a rich collection of primary source resources to study the African American and Black experience in the United States and the Americas. In celebration of Black and African Heritage Month, the Libraries has launched a new series highlighting various resources from our collections.

The ProQuest Historical Newspapers (PQHN) collection provides genealogists, researchers, and scholars with first-hand accounts and coverage of the politics, society and events of the time. The PQHN database offers full-text access to 25 historical newspapers, including a number of influential Black and African American newspapers.

New York Amsterdam News: One of the nation’s leading black newspapers and one of New York’s most influential black-owned institutions. For nearly a century, it has helped influence and promote the causes and aspirations of African-Americans. Contributors have included W. E. B. Du Bois, Roy Wilkins, Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., and Malcolm X. The New York Amsterdam News captured the vibrancy and cultural richness of the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920s, advocated for the desegregation of the U.S. military during World War II, and fought against discriminatory employment practices and other civil rights abuses in the 1960s. Coverage from 1922-1993.

Cleveland Call and Post: One of the most influential African American newspapers throughout Ohio. It provides primary source documentation on Black history, politics, culture, and the arts. Coverage from 1934–1991.

Los Angeles Sentinel: African American owned and operated newspaper that puts emphasis on issues concerning the African American community and its readers. Coverage from 1934–2005.

Philadelphia Tribune: The oldest continuously published black newspaper, is dedicated to the needs and concerns of the fourth largest black community in the U.S. During the 1930s the paper supported the growth of the United Way, rallied against the riots in Chester, PA, and continuously fought against segregation. Coverage from 1912-2001.

Explore these and more here.

A look at the Black Thought & Culture and Black Drama databases at the Libraries

The University Libraries holds a rich collection of primary source resources to study the African American and Black experience in the United States and the Americas. In celebration of Black and African Heritage Month, the Libraries has launched a new series highlighting various resources from our collections.

Black Thought & Culture

Black Thought and Culture is a landmark electronic collection of approximately 100,000 pages of non-fiction writings by major American black leaders—teachers, artists, politicians, religious leaders, athletes, war veterans, entertainers, and other figures—covering 250 years of history (from the 19th and 20th centuries to 1975). The collection provides access to full-text documents of primary source materials. In addition to familiar works, Black Thought and Culture presents a great deal of previously inaccessible material, including letters, speeches, prefatory essays, political leaflets, interviews, periodicals, and trial transcripts. The ideas of over 1,000 authors present an evolving and complex view of what it is to be black in America.

One example from the database is Sister Outsider: Essays and Speeches by Audre Lorde. In the introduction, Nancy Bereano writes, “Audre Lorde’s writing is an impulse toward wholeness. What she says and how she says it engages us both emotionally and intellectually. She writes from the particulars of who she is: Black woman, lesbian, feminist, mother of two children, daughter of Grenadian immigrants, educator, cancer survivor, activist. She creates material from the dailiness of her life that we can use to help shape ours. Out of her desire for wholeness, her need to encompass and address all the parts of herself, she teaches us about the significance of difference — ‘that raw and powerful connection from which our personal power is forged.'”

Black Drama: Third Edition

Black Drama, now in its expanded third edition, contains the full text of more than 1,700 plays written from the mid-1800s to the present by more than 200 playwrights from North America, English-speaking Africa, the Caribbean, and other African diaspora countries. Many of the works are rare, hard to find, or out of print. More than 40 percent of the collection consists of previously unpublished plays by writers such as Langston Hughes, Ed Bullins, Willis Richardson, Amiri Baraka, Randolph Edmonds, Zora Neale Hurston, and many others.

One example from a contemporary playwright is The Ballad of Emmett Till by Ifa Bayeza. From the introduction: “The Ballad of Emmett Till is an ensemble play for six actors, exploring the final days in the life of Emmett Till, a Chicago teenager who takes a fateful trip to Mississippi in the summer of 1955. Till’s murder and his mother’s subsequent decision to have an open-casket funeral are believed by many to mark the beginning of the modern Civil Rights Movement. The Ballad is a contemporary telling of Emmett’s story, a jazz integration of past and present, the events as seen from the perspective of the youth himself. It is the story of a quest, Emmett’s pursuit of happiness, of liberty and ultimately of life.”

Throughout the month of February, Mason’s Center for Culture, Equity, and Empowerment, along with other campus departments, is celebrating Black and African Heritage Month with a number of events. Learn more here.