34 VIVA members support the Directory of Open Access Journals!

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By consortium agreement, 34 VIVA members have agreed to directly support the efforts of The Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ). As stated on the DOAJ website, VIVA support will enable the non-profit to: “do a better and quicker job in processing journals to be listed in DOAJ, and strengthen our efforts in promoting good open access publishing practice.” The agreement reflects member institutions’ commitment to supporting quality, peer-reviewed Open Access materials. The 34 institutions are listed here, and to learn more about the history and goals of the DOAJ, click here.

Save the date for the 18th Annual Interlibrary Loan Community Forum

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July-22-250x250 copy

Save the date! The 18th Annual Interlibrary Loan Community Forum has been scheduled for Friday, July 22nd, 2016 at Virginia Commonwealth University. More details will be available in the upcoming weeks and months. We hope you will all be able to attend!

Sixteen new titles added to Oxford University Press (OUP) journal collection

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All VIVA public institutions and the participating private institutions will have access to this additional content. The participating private institutions are Ferrum College, Hampton University, Liberty University, Marymount University, Randolph-Macon College, Shenandoah University, Sweet Briar College, Virginia Union University, and Washington & Lee University.

The sixteen additional titles include: the American Journal of Clinical Pathology, Aristotelian Society Supplementary Volume, Foreign Policy Analysis, International Political Sociology, International Studies Perspectives, International Studies Quarterly, International Studies Review, Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Global Security Studies, Journal of Neuropathology and Experimental Neurology, Journal of Travel Medicine, Laboratory Medicine, Pain Medicine, Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan, and Western Historical Quarterly

ProQuest SciTech Collection

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VIVA’s Complete Cambridge Sciences Collection (CCSC) has been upgraded to the ProQuest SciTech Collection!

Previously, VIVA provided public institutions with access to the CCSC, which represented A&I and full text resources across many areas of the sciences. With this upgrade, all public institutions will have access to the full ProQuest SciTechCollection. This collection includes ALL of the content included in the CCSC as well as additional content. It also moves VIVA away from what was a custom package to a product currently sold and marketed by ProQuest. Access to the ebrary Academic: Science and Technology Collection that has been associated with the CCSC will continue, as will access to the Physical Education Index. The ProQuest SciTech Collection is summarized here, and a spreadsheet of the additional content that institutions will be receiving as a result of this upgrade is available upon request. The collection includes over 55,000 titles (the total for both A&I and full-text, 7,200 of which are full-text journal and proceedings titles) and over 110,000,000 records (over 26,000,000 of which are full-text documents).

Intellect and Investext Snapshot added to existing VIVA Mergent Online and Horizon subscription.

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VIVA has started subscriptions for Mergent Intellect and Investext Snapshot, effective 2/1/16. These subscriptions will be added to its existing Mergent Online and Horizaon subscription. All public institutions and the pooled funds private institutions will have access to this new content.

Investext Snapshot, or the Thomson Reuters Embargoed Research Collection, includes authoritative analyses of companies, industries, products, and markets that are written by analysts at investment banks and independent research firms. It can be found as a new tab within the Mergent Online platform. (Because this upgrade included activation for Mergent Online Premium as well as Investext, schools may see a few new tabs added to Mergent Online in addition to the Investext Snapshot tab.)

Mergent Intellect provides extensive information about private companies, both active and inactive. It is on a separate platform from Mergent Online.

Wiley Online Library Content Upgrade

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VIVA is gaining substantial new Wiley journal content by upgrading its shared Wiley Online Library content to the new Wiley “Database Model”. This model includes access to all but one of Wiley’s current e-journals. (The one exception is The Journal of the European Economic Association.)

Previously, VIVA had a shared collection of core journals with individual institutions opting in for additional titles. With this upgrade, all participating institutions will share the Wiley Database Model. This represents an increase of 217 titles to VIVA’s shared, core collection for a total of 1,485 journal titles. It also means that there will no longer be the annual title reconciliation by institutions. Perpetual access to subscribed titles and years applies.

All public institutions and the participating private institutions will have access to this content upgrade. Participating private institutions include: Bridgewater College, Christendom College, Eastern Mennonite University, Eastern Virginia Medical School, Ferrum College, Liberty University, Lynchburg College, Mary Baldwin College, Marymount University, Regent University, Shenandoah University, Southern Virginia University, Sweet Briar College, University of Richmond, Virginia Wesleyan College, and Washington & Lee University.

The database model journal list can be found here.

IEEE All-Society Periodicals Package (ASPP) upgrades to IEEE/IET Electronic Library (IEL)

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All IEEE All-Society Periodicals Package (ASPP) subscribers will be upgraded to IEEE/IET Electronic Library (IEL) and one Computer Science Digital Library (CSDL) subscriber will be upgraded to ASPP.

Previously, some public institutions subscribed to ASPP and some to IEL. With this upgrade, all public institutions will share IEL. Private institution subscribers are upgraded to the next product level up from their current status if they did not already subscribe to IEL.

The upgrade includes unlimited full text access and downloads, 6 additional journal titles, 1400+ additional conference titles, 2800+ active and selected archival IEEE standards, backfiles to 1872 (for select titles), and over 3,000,000+ full-text documents (an increase from 324,000+). More product information may be found here.

New Institute of Physics (IOP) content!

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VIVA has upgraded its current package of IOP journals to the IOPscience package, which includes access to all current IOP journals with the exception of The Astronomical Journal and The Astrophysical Journal; coverage of previous gaps in archival journal content will be filled; and VIVA will gain perpetual access to three e-book packages.

The new journal title list is available by request and there are a number of brand new titles (either new in general or new to IOP), such as Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express, Convergent Science Physical Oncology, Flexible and Printed Electronics, Physics World, Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, and Translational Materials Research, that will also be included as they are brought into IOPscience. The two American Astronomical Society journals mentioned above are the only exceptions.

The ebook title lists may be downloaded from the bottom of this page, and VIVA will have access to Releases 1 through 3 as the titles are published.

Registration for 2015 Collections Forum

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Registration is now open for the 2015 Collections Forum! This forum will be held at the University of Virginia on Tuesday, September 29th. VIVA will reimburse travel costs for all attendees, including Monday night hotel stays for those who live at least 2.5 hours away from UVA. Travelers staying overnight will need to be authorized in advance – details are on the Forum webpage: http://www.vivalib.org/committees/collections/collectionsforum2015.html.

Please send any questions to viva@gmu.edu.

We look forward to seeing you there!

A review of recent VIVA cancellations and new products

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There are a number of significant changes being made to VIVA products this year, and we want to be sure that everyone is aware of the cancellations as well as the new products.

-EconLit via ProQuest will expire on 8/1/15 (this was replaced by EconLit with Full Text via EBSCO)
-PAIS will expire on 8/1/15 (individual institution opt-in pricing is available in the ProQuest Nursing & Social Sciences RFP Opt-In Pricing contract)
-Sociological Abstracts will expire on 8/1/15 (individual institution opt-in pricing is available in the ProQuest Nursing & Social Sciences RFP Opt-In Pricing contract)
-Congressional will expire on 9/30/15 (Stephen Clark at CWM is organizing a group that might acquire this together – contact him at sdclar@wm.edu if you are interested)
-Ovid Total Access LWW Collection expires on 8/31/15 (individual institution opt-in pricing is available in the Ovid Nursing & Social Sciences RFP Opt-In Pricing contract)

New Core Products, all from EBSCO and with an official start date of 8/1/15:
-CINAHL Full Text (this will replace VIVA’s base CINAHL subscription)
-EconLit Full Text (this is also a Private Pooled Funds product)
-Political Science Complete
-SocIndex with Full Text

New Supplemental Products, all from EBSCO and with an official start date of 8/1/15:
-Abstracts in Social Gerontology
-Child Development & Adolescent Studies
-Family Studies Abstracts
-National Criminal Justice Reference Service Abstracts
-Peace Research Abstracts
-Public Administration Abstracts
-Race Relations Abstracts
-Urban Studies Abstracts
-Violence & Abuse Abstracts

All of the new products should be available sooner than the official start date – we will let you know when access is live. In the meantime, if you want to preview these resources, they are available on the trials page for the RFP for Nursing and Social Sciences Resources via the EBSCO trial link. Private institution opt-in pricing for the above new products (and more) is available in the EBSCO Nursing & Social Sciences contract.

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