Innovation Award recognizes VIVA’s Whole Ebook Lending Initiative!

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At the 2017 American Library Association’s Annual Conference, VIVA was honored to receive the Rethinking Resource Sharing’s Innovation Award for our Whole Ebook Interlibrary Lending Initiative! Carrie Cooper, VIVA Steering Committee Chair and Dean of Libraries at the College of William and Mary, accepted the award on behalf of the consortium. This award comes with a $500 stipend and honors individuals or institutions that improve access to information through innovative approaches to resource sharing. You can read the full press release here.

As background, the Whole Ebook ILL Initiative began in the fall of 2016, when VIVA negotiated and later signed ebook contracts with Brill, Oxford University Press, Taylor & Francis, and Wiley that held lending rights for whole ebooks. Libraries have been advocating for these rights ever since ebooks came on the scene, but they have been difficult to obtain. They are critical to the ways libraries build and share their collections in the 21st century, particularly in light of the many deeply collaborative, shared institutional collections projects. For each publisher, our libraries are allowed to either send whole ebooks downloaded from the platforms or create single/merged pdfs from individual chapter pdfs and lend them to other libraries.  Gaining the right to lend was only the first step, however. A Resource Sharing Committee task force then developed best practices and guidelines for the lending of these ebooks, which included publisher and platform-specific recommendations.

This initiative and this award would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of VIVA members. In particular VIVA would like to thank the individuals who served on the RFP for Ebook Collections Committee that gained these lending rights (Madeline Kelly, Chair, GMU; Mike Cobb, Liberty; Amanda Echterling, VCU; Maria Fesz, NVCC; Genya O’Gara, VIVA; Anne Osterman, VIVA; Carolyn Schubert, JMU; and LeeAnne Beatty Smith, JMU Procurement) and the group that developed the best practices for whole ebook lending (Laura Ramos, Chair, GMU; Jacqueline Carrell, PVCC; Elizabeth Teaff, W&L; Shirley Thomas, VCU; and Genya O’Gara, VIVA).  VIVA would also like to thank the vendor partners, Brill, Oxford University Press, Taylor & Francis, and Wiley, for both recognizing how important these lending rights are to libraries and for their willingness to partner to help us realize them.

Save the date! VIVA Collections Analysis Webinar – September 8th

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Please join the Monographic Collections Analysis Task Force on September 8th, 2016, at 10:30 am for a Collections Analysis webinar. The webinar will provide a brief overview of the work of the group to date, collections tools available to VIVA members, how to get involved, and a quick overview of future steps. For those that can’t make it, the webinar will be recorded and posted online.

Save the date for the 18th Annual Interlibrary Loan Community Forum

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July-22-250x250 copy

Save the date! The 18th Annual Interlibrary Loan Community Forum has been scheduled for Friday, July 22nd, 2016 at Virginia Commonwealth University. More details will be available in the upcoming weeks and months. We hope you will all be able to attend!

New VIVA Cataloging Listserv

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The increase in purchasing e-books in VIVA has brought the need for more conversation among the member libraries about cataloging issues and best practices. We have created a new VIVA Cataloging Listserv, VIVA-CAT-L, that we hope will be useful to you, especially as we move into the Demand Driven Acquisitions e-book program.

If you would like to be on this listserv, please let me ( know and I will add you.


Agenda set for Vendor Fair regarding VIVA’s DDA for ebooks.

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The agenda has been set for VIVA’s Vendor Fair coming up on November 13th at VCU.  Registration is required and open, so please do so HERE if interested.   Details are also available on VENDOR FAIR page on the viva website.

Vendor Demo Day for the Demand Driven Acquisitions RFP
Tuesday, November 13, 2012
Virginia Room C/D of the University Student Commons Building
Virginia Commonwealth University
907 Floyd Avenue, Richmond, Virginia 23284


8:30 AM: Coffee
9:00 AM: Welcome and Introductions
9:15 AM: YBP (40 minutes for presentation, 30 minutes for Q&A)
10:25 AM: Break
10:40 AM: Ingram/Coutts (40 minutes for presentation, 30 minutes for Q&A)
11:50 – 12:35 Lunch
12:35 PM EBSCO (40 minutes for presentation, 30 minutes for Q&A)
1:45 PM Break
2:00 PM EBL (40 minutes for presentation, 30 minutes for Q&A)
3:10 PM Break
3:20 PM Wrap-Up

Year-end statistics availability

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Our vendors take up to a month, and occasionally longer, to provide us with use data. Given this lag time, we anticipate that the FY12 use data will be available by mid-August at the earliest. We will make an announcement when it is available.

Your institution’s use data can be downloaded at Data through March 2012 is currently available for download. We anticipate having data through May available by late next week.

Should you have any questions, please let us know.

Titles added to PsycBOOKs in May 2012

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PsycBOOKS added the following titles to its coverage list in May 2012.

MARC records can be downloaded in the APA admin module.

APA Books

  1. Bilingualism and cognition: Informing research, pedagogy, and policy, ©2011, by García, Eugene C.; Náñez, José. ISBN: 1-4338-0879-X
  2. Malpractice in psychology: A practical resource for clinicians, © 2011, by Shapiro, David L.; Smith, Steven R. ISBN: 1-4338-0895-1
  3. Self-regulation: Brain, cognition, and development, © 2011, by Berger, Andrea. ISBN: 1-4338-0971-0

Classic Books

  1. The anatomy and philosophy of expression, as connected with the fine arts (4th ed.), © 1847, by Bell, Charles
  2. The anthropological treatises of Johann Friedrich Blumenbach, © 1865, by Blumenbach, Johann Friedrich; Bendyshe, Thomas (Trans.)
  3. Bockshammer on the freedom of the human will, © 1835, by Bockshammer, Gustave Ferdinand; Kaufman, A., Jr. (Cont.)
  4. Child psychology, © 1937, by Brooks, Fowler D.; Shaffer, Laurance F. (Col.)
  5. Cooperation and competition among primitive peoples, © 1937, by Mead, Margaret (Ed.)
  6. Critical and miscellaneous essays: To which are added a few poems ©1845, by Everett, Alexander H.
  7. De l’esprit: or, Essays on the mind and its several faculties, © 1759, by Helvetius
  8. A discourse upon the nature and faculties of man, in several essays: With some considerations upon the occurrences of humane life, © 1697, by Nurse, Tim
  9. Dissertation concerning liberty and necessity; containing remarks on the essays of Dr. Samuel West, and on the writings of several other authors on those subjects, © 1797, by Edwards, Jonathan
  10. Doctrine of the will determined by an appeal to consciousness, © 1840, by Tappan, Henry P.
  11. Elements of logick; or a summary of the general principles and different modes of reasoning © 1816, by Hedge, Levi
  12. The elements of moral science, © 1856, by Wayland, Francis
  13. Essay on instinct and its physical and moral relations, © 1824, by Hancock, Thomas
  14. An examination of the advantages of solitude; and of its operations on the heart and mind; with an enquiry into its prejudicial influence on the imagination and passions, Vol. 1 (transl. from German), © 1805, by Zimmerman, John George
  15. An examination of the late Reverend President Edwards’s ‘Enquiry on freedom of will’ © 1770, by Dana, James
  16. Experiments on the principle of life, and particularly on the principle of the motions of the heart, and on the seat of this principle, © 1813, by Le Gallois, M.; Nancrede, N. C. (Trans.); Nancrede, J. G.(Trans.)
  17. Father Malebranche, his treatise concerning the search after truth; to which is added the author’s treatise of nature and grace: Being a consequence of the principles contained in the search, together with his answer to the animadversions upon the first volume: His defence against the accusations of monsieur De la Ville, etc, relating to the same subject (2nd ed. corr.), © 1700, by Malebranche, Nicolas; Taylor, T. (Trans.)
  18. How to counsel students: A manual of techniques for clinical counselors, © 1939, Williamson, E. G.
  19. An inquiry into the self-determining power of the will; or, contingent volition, © 1838, by Day, Jeremiah
  20. Letters on the elementary principles of education, Vol. 1 (6th ed.), © 1818, by Hamilton, Elizabeth
  21. Miscellaneous reflections occasion’d by the comet which appear’d in December 1680: Chiefly tending to explode popular superstitions, written to a doctor of the Sorbon, Vol 1, © 1708, by Bayle, Pierre
  22. The moral characters of Theophrastus: To which is prefix’d A critical essay on characteristic-writings, © 1725, by Gally, Henry
  23. Of wisdome: Three bookes written in French, © 1658, by Charro, Peter; Lennard, Sampson (Trans.)
  24. Philosophical inquiry into the origin of our ideas of the sublime and beautiful (4th ed.) [and] A vindication of natural society: or, A view of the miseries and evils arising to mankind from every species of society (3rd ed.), © 1766, by Burke, Edmund
  25. Principals of psychological examining: A systematic textbook of applied integrative psychology, © 1955, by Thorne, Frederick C.
  26. Pseudodoxia epidemica: or, Enquiries into very many received tenents and commonly presumed truths (6th and last ed., corr. and enl.), © 1672, by Knight, Thomas Brown
  27. Sylva sylvarum, or, A natural history in ten centuries: Whereunto is newly added, The history natural and experimental of life and death, or of the prolongation of life (9th ed.), © 1670, by Bacon, Francis; Rawley, William (Ed.)
  28. A treatise of the hypochondriack and hysterick diseases: In three dialogues (2nd ed., corr. and enl.), © 1730, by Mandeville, Bernard
  29. The vanity of arts and sciences, © 1694, by Agrippa, Henry Cornelius
  30. The works of Charles Follen, with a memoir of his life, in 5 volumes, Vol. 3, © 1841, by Follen, Charles

OCLC Reclaimation Project Best Practices

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The VIVA OCLC Reclaimation Project Task Force has compiled a Best Practices document for completing a reclamation project. It is available here:

VIVA thanks the task force members for their contribution to this project: Jane Penner (Chair), Gene Damon, Cheri Duncan, Johnnie Gray, Irene Handy, Donna Hughes-Oldenburg, Trish Kearns, Mack Lundy, Tansy Matthews, Elizabeth McCormick, and Manon Théroux.

CRC and other batch loading issues

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Philip Young ( is Virginia Tech’s lead cataloger on CRC project, and has been offered as a resource for VIVA folks who might want to contact him with any questions or comments.

He started a public listserve for batch load issues, which is available here: Anyone can search the archives–there are some postings about CRC there.  He’s trying to promote discussion and sharing of information about batch loading; anyone who’s interested is encouraged to join in.

Thank you to Leslie O’Brien at Virginia Tech for bringing Philip’s listserv to our attention, and for volunteering him to help out other VIVA members.

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