University Records Center Closed July-August

The University Records Center will close for renovations starting in July 2017. If you are currently prepping boxes for storage or disposal, box labels must be submitted to University Records Management no later than COB on July 5, 2017. During the closure, University Records Management will not be able to accept new records for storage or shredding. Loan services will be available, but turnaround time will take longer than usual. The University Records Center expects to open again in August 2017. For current information about University Records Management services, please visit their website or e-mail with any questions.

About University Records Management: University Records Management assists with the retention and disposal of non-permanent university records regardless of format. It minimizes the space, equipment, and personnel required to store and maintain records. Records Management assists with the timely disposal of records in full compliance with university policy, state retention requirements, and federal law. For more information, see this blog post on “The Difference Between Archiving and Records Management.”

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