University Libraries Service Quality Survey

LibqualBeginning October 30, 2006, George Mason University Libraries will be conducting a library service quality survey of students, faculty and staff. LibQUAL+ assesses library service quality from a user’s perspective, and this assessment will help the University Libraries respond to users’ expectations for library services. LibQUAL+ is a web-based survey that was developed by the Association of Research Libraries.

The survey is being sent to a randomly selected group of students, faculty and staff.  The data collected is confidential. It generally takes 13 minutes to complete the survey, assuming a normal computer environment and Internet access. 

As an incentive to participate, University Libraries will award $150, $100 and $50 George Mason University Bookstore gift certificates to 3 survey respondents (to be included in the drawing, respondents must provide a valid email address in the appropriate box on the survey). The gift certificates will be presented to the winners at the start of the spring 2007 semester.

The survey will remain open through November 20, 2006.

Questions? Contact James Nalen (jnalen at

16 thoughts on “University Libraries Service Quality Survey

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  8. Very generous of the university! It’s a really good way to get students interested in libraries – after all, everything can be found online for free these days.