Gallery Exhibit: The Sleep Series

Nov-11_Late-Afternoon-Nap-1-729x10241Visit Fenwick Gallery between now and the end of June, and you will encounter a long series of methodical watercolors spanning the entire length of Fenwick Gallery.

The exhibit is called The Sleep Series and it is one series in a larger project by Mason MFA candidate Sarah Irvin. The watercolors are composed of a series of blue lines like tick marks, marking the the time Irvin’s infant daughter spent napping on various occasions. Installed in a row approximately 50 feet long, the work is a powerful meditation on the time, waiting and work involved in caring for a child.

The show is up through June 26th, 2015. For more information about Fenwick Gallery, please contact Jenna Rinalducci, Art + Art History Librarian, jrinaldu @

Fall 2015: Dissertation Writers Rooms

UPDATE, MAY 5, 2015: Arlington Campus Library DWR is full for both Summer and Fall 2015.

Mason PhD students needing dedicated space for dissertation work may apply to use space in a Dissertation Writers Room (DWR) in Fenwick Library. Mason doctoral students, who’ve passed their comprehensive exams and are in good standing with the University and the University Libraries, are eligible to request a space to use and store research materials in an assigned DWR space for one term. Space in the DWR is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis (based on date/time submitted) until room capacity is filled.